Josh Gordon Suspended For Getting High While Celebrating Reinstatement To NFL

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CLEVELAND, OH – Browns fans haven’t been this happy since…well, not sure we have anything to compare this with.

Monday afternoon, the NFL reinstated formerly suspended 25-year-old Browns WR Josh Gordon, who was suspend one entire calendar year for repeatedly failing to meet the NFL’s substance abuse policy, aka failing drug test after drug test.

Gordon met with league commissioner Roger Goodell in New York Monday morning to hear Gordon out on reinstatement options after failing his most recent test just days before his last meeting was scheduled.


According to sources with inside information on the meeting, Goodell expressed displeasure with Gordon’s behavior and inability to stay clean with such a bright future, and then told Gordon the news that he would allow the WR to play this upcoming season and here on out.

Gordon was provided with his reinstatement papers and in a spontaneous furry of joy and excitement, rolled his papers into a celebratory blunt.

After what was only going to be a proposed 4-game suspension for Gordon, it is now being reported that Gordon will miss the entirety of the 2016-2017 NFL season.