Le’Veon Bell’s Facebook Page Has Exactly 420k Likes. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

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Le’Veon Bell will miss the first 4 games of this upcoming NFL season barring any unlikely reduced suspension via appeal. The Steelers running back is at this point infamous for failing drug tests.

Earlier this year, it was reported Bell failed yet another test, news which was made official last week. That news brought more details to the public, noting that Bell hadn’t intact failed the drug test, yet simply decided not to show up to the test (probably because he was too high to remember). By NFL rules, that falls under ‘failing’ the test, and warrants the same punishment.

As if Le’Veon Bell and his career couldn’t be more summed up by the notion of weed, one can search for his verified Facebook page, which appropriately has 420k likes.


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Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

(h/t Brandon Faldalen)