Josh Norman Gets Burned Over & Over By Redskins WRs On First Day Of Camp


Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. made headline a few weeks ago after he went on record saying that CB Josh Norman is on relevant because of him.

Widely regarded as the best defensive back in the league last season on his Super Bowl Panthers, Norman was to many’s surprise let go by the team after failing to get a deal. Norman was soon scooped up by the Redskins for a whopping 75 million for 4 years.

If there’s any criticism of Norman it’s that he is a system star,┬ámeaning the defense scheme by the Panthers made him into a star, rather than emerging as one on his own terms per say. The corner who always seems to talk the talk didn’t quite walk the walk on the first day of Redskins training camp though, getting burned by WR after WR.

DeSean Jackson was the first to make Norman look foolish, sending him into 5 yards of separation on a simple curl route:

Norman was then beat by Pierre Gar├žon on a deep ball: