REPORT: Patriots Being Investigated For Tampering With Field Before Hall Of Fame Game

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CANTON, OH – After NFL fans everywhere had patiently waited about 7 months for football to come back into their lives, the first game has officially been canceled.

Saturday afternoon, reports started surfacing that the playing surface was so hard, that players compared it to concrete, claiming it was unsafe to play on. Pictures taken on the scene even show the artificial turf being so thin, that the concrete underneath it was melting to paint used to display the Hall of Fame Game logo at midfield.

After evaluation and efforts to solve the issues before Sunday night’s 8pm ET game time, the game was officially called about an hour before kickoff. The game’s cancellation will cost the NFL and the Professional Football Hall of Fame an upwards of estimated $4 million dollars.


Roger Goodell, who is in Canton but wasn’t at the field when the issues were brought to light, was phoned the news by NFL officials, and his mind went to one place…those pesky Patriots up in New England.

Just a month earlier, a federal court of appeals had turned down the re-appeal of QB Tom Brady’s four-game suspension issues by Roger Goodell, for deflating footballs in the 2014 AFC Championship game. Though team owner Robert Kraft along with head coach Bill Belichick seemed calm yet disappointed at the decision, they had a plan – make the league and Roger Goodell look like a joke by tampering with the field before the first game of the season, causing it to be called off.

The Colts reportedly also contacted the league hinting at the Pats’ suspicious behavior. At this point, Goodell thinks it’s “more probable than not” that Brady, Kraft and/or Belichick had involvement in tampering with the field prior to game time, and will allegedly hire a private investigator to research the situation for 2 years until a decision can come down on punishment. That punishment expected to be appealed somewhere in the range of 1,576 times.

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Photo via Dan Worthington on Twitter