Jeff Fisher’s Mom Called & Yelled At Him After She Saw Him Swear On ‘Hard Knocks’


No matter how tough Jeff Fisher looked or felt on Hard Knocks ripping his team a new one during a meeting, he got brought right back to Earth from his mother.

During a meeting where the LA Rams’ coach chewed out his team for bringing guest to the dorm and not eating enough to where they were cramping on the field, Fisher used some choice words.

“I am not f—ing going 7-9 or 8-8 or 9-7, OK? Or 10-6 for that matter,” Fisher told the players after cutting Long. “This team is too talented. I am not going to settle for that, OK? I know what I am doing. We had some 7-9 bulls— this morning. Now, Deon’s gone. That is 7-9 bulls—.”


Unfortunately for Fisher, his mom was watching. Mrs. Fisher gave him a call the next day.

“I got one of these yesterday, ‘Jeffrey!’” Fisher told ESPN. “This is from Mom. So I said, ‘Sorry, Mom. That’s our world. I’ll try to do better.’ When I hear ‘Jeffrey!’ It’s uh-oh. Something went wrong.”

Not sure we’ll be hearing anymore cursing from Coach Fisher for the rest of Hard Knocks.