Less Than 24 Hours After Announcing Divorce, RGIII Spotted With New Girlfriend’s Name Tattooed On Arm


It’s sour enough to see someone who just announced their divorce with a new girl less than 24 hours since doing so, but being spotted with her name tattooed on his arm? Something isn’t adding up.

News broke Tuesday night of Cleveland Browns QB Robert Griffin III publicly announcing his divorce between him and his wife of 3 years.

Just a day later, TMZ released photos of Griffin with a new girlfriend, a 23-year-old FSU student and track & field star, walking together holding hands in Los Angeles. Followed where images taken of Griffin practicing, where you can read his new girlfriend’s name already tattooed on his right arm.


It reads “Grete Sadeiko” in cursive, the name of his new Estonian crush.


Someone also spotted Sadeiko with a new tattoo of her own, which unfortunately you cannot decipher, but we can only assume it may be that of Griffin’s name.


RGIII’s now ex-wife is likely reading all this news like…