Tom Brady & Ryan Lochte Have The Same Birthday. Coincidence? I Think Not.


After we were stick with ‘Deflategate’ for more than 2 years, it have finally been replaced – with ‘Lochtegate’.

Ryan Lochte made news this weekend when he reported that he and three other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint after being pulled over by fake police during a early morning out in Rio after clubbing.

After the bizarre story was looked into by investigators and Brazilian officials, holes in Lochte’s account soon came to light.


With suspicion of mal intent by Rio De Janero police and video evidence from a gas station, the truth came out that Lochte falsified the reports and had not actually been victims, but actually the leading member of the vandal 4 US swimmers.

This isn’t the first time a American superstar lied straight to our faces on live television though. Many remember the rather awkward press conference Patriots QB Tom Brady gave following the deflategate scandal where he said he had nothing or knew nothing about the deflated footballs, even after he destroyed his cellphone following the incident –

Interestingly enough, Lochte and Brady actually share the same birthday, August 3rd, which we’re leaning towards that being not so much of a coincidence.