BUST: Jared Goff Demoted To 3rd String Quarterback On Rams Depth Chart


There’s no argument that Jared Goff wasn’t going to come into the NFL and blow away expectations, but the #1 overall pick isn’t even living up to expectations of a high-round draft pack.

According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, Goff isn’t just sitting at backup behind Case Keenum on the Rams depth chart, but rather he’s the third-string quarterback behind Sean Mannion as well. Yes, Sean Mannion.

Though coaches are still optimistic about Goff’s talent and the plan that he will eventually become the starter, Veteran Case Keenum is still running the Rams offense.


Live-game NFL action doesn’t mesh well with lack of NFL experience, what seems concerning though is the fact that Goff is being outperformed by just the second-year QB Sean Mannion in practice.

Goff has had rough outing in both two opening preseason gaames for LA, being picked off on only his second career NFL pass.

Keenum is of course expected to start the Preseason Week 3 and Goff to likely see late game action.