REPORT: Dez Bryant Also Drops Ryan Lochte

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FRISCO, CA – Dez Bryant missed his first practice of the season Tuesday, out with a concussion which he suffered on Monday.

With the extra time rehabilitating to health, wide receiver Dez Bryant released a press release in which he stating he would too drop USA Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. The move comes amidst the fallout following Lochte’s apparent lie in which he claimed he and three other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint during a night out in Rio.


His statement issued to Sports Business Daily read as follows –

“Sitting out at pratice today gave me some time to think about two things. One was just how sad Harambe’s death is still, another how despicable Ryan Lochte was in his public lies shaming the country of Brazil. After some back & fourth I too have decided to drop Ryan Lochte. Now many of you may not have been have even known I was a sponsor, and I’m not too sure all myself, but sitting out practice today, I had the itch to drop something. I hope Ryan can lean from this and grow.”

Bryant, who is also a sponsor of BodyArmor joins the list of 4 other companies that have dropped Lochte following the incident, which will cost the swimmer in upwards of a million dollars per year from here on out.