Oakland Raiders File For ‘Las Vegas Raiders’ Trademark


The Oakland Raiders have not officially made the move to Las Vegas, but a few trademark filings may serve as a sign for what is to come. On August 20, 2016, the Raiders filed trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the mark “Las Vegas Raiders.” All of the filings, which span a variety of goods and service classifications, were filed with an intent to use the mark in commerce in the future.

A submitted trademark application is certainly not a guarantee that an NFL team is moving to a new location. In fact, the San Diego Chargers applied for the mark “LA Chargers,” but have yet to leave San Diego. That said, these types of filings do serve to demonstrate that there is a true effort to at least strongly consider relocation.


The Raiders filed for “Las Vegas Raiders” protection in multiple distinct classes. They cover education and entertainment services, clothing, mobile applications, football helmets, trading cards, jewelry and play figures.

Timing of the filing of these trademark applications is important to note. Recently, U.S. Senator Harry Reid expressed his support for the creation of a Las Vegas domed stadium that would host the Raiders. The plan to create such a stadium is currently under review by the Southern SO +0.35% Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee.