No Fear: Ezekiel Elliot Lowers Shoulder, Runs Right Through Kam Chancellor

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.25.46 PM

Arguably the most anticipated rookie in Dallas Cowboys history took the field for the first time Thursday night vs the Sea hawks.

Usually rookies are welcomed to the NFL by getting knocked to their feet by veteran defenders in search of fresh meat, yet it appeared as Ezekiel Elliott was dishing out the hits instead of taking them.

The rough housing between Elliott and Seahawks hard-hitting Kam Chancellor started with a run to the right where the safety appeared to have some trouble tackling the rookie RB.


Chancellor retaliated by laying what could be considered a cheap shot on Zeke, drawing a flag…

Yet Elliott had the last laugh by lowering the boom on the headman of the Legion of Boom himself.

Elliott attacked the Seahawks’ vaunted defense from all angles and Chancellor, K.J. Wright, Earl Thomas, and a host of other stars struggled to bring down the rookie.