49ers Fan Burns His Colin Kaepernick Jersey While Standing To National Anthem

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Colin Kaepernick went from a relatively liked NFL player to the most polarizing, hated player in the league in the span of less than 12 hours.

Kaepernick, who had been itching to make a stand for his feelings towards racial divide in this country did so Friday night, refusing to stand during t he National Anthem prior to the 49ers preseason matchup vs thePackers.

He later released a statement explaining his actions which touched on the nonexistent pride he has for the country which in his eyes, presses black people and others of color.

As expected, not many NFL fans took it well, some of those being 49ers fans who had cheered the QB to this point, even owning his #7 jersey.

In the fashion that seems to be the “it” thing these days, some of those fans took some gasoline and a lighter to their jerseys to prove a point of their own right back.



  1. I
    don’t respect his actions – at all. It is not who we are. He had so
    many mature options at his disposal to make a point, take a stand to
    make it better and gain respect, and inspire others to do more. He
    could have donated some money or time to the cause, to improve what he
    thinks is so wrong. Stepping on our patriotism is not how Americans do
    it. He’s a spoiled child, and should have a lengthy time out to think
    about what he has done …..

    • I’m a veteran but i know my history and understanding the significant of the origins of things and the energy is tied to and how it affects us differently. Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem, was a White supremacist slave owner who once said “Africans in America are “a distinct and inferior race”Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem, was a White supremacist slave owner who once said “Africans in America are “a distinct and inferior race”

  2. As much as his actions and words upset me and make me see red, there’s one thing we have to remember, it is our men and women in uniform that serve and sacrifice for this great country and give us the freedoms that we have such as freedom of speech and expression. The NFL isn’t about to do anything about this even if they could. Trust me, if they continue to let convicts play for them then this is not going to phase them. I just love when these morons open up their big mouths and scream oppression when they make the money they make. The only way that anything will come out of this is if the consumers make a stand and boycott any NFL, 49ers or this pos merchandise. That’s how we’ll be able to tell just how angry people are about this. Sadly there are more people who could care less than that are completely pissed off about it. Hopefully the 49ers and NFL will remember this when contract time comes, but I highly doubt it.

    • There are many of us who are proud not angry. Two sides to every story but I get it, if it doesn’t affect you why try and understand. Anyway I ordered my Colin Kaepernick jersey this morning and for every racist person there is another person proud he took this stand. I wish I had thought of it.

  3. Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem, was a White supremacist slave owner who once said “Africans in America are “a distinct and inferior race”Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem, was a White supremacist slave owner who once said “Africans in America are “a distinct and inferior race”

    • Right…he made the oppression of people of color more important than standing for a song, and you question his trustworthiness. I question YOUR trustworthiness since you value the symbol of the song more than the lives of people of color. Shame on you.

  4. The NFL now has a major PR problem on its hands, one that it needs like any human being needs a terminal illness. From now on, fans will be booing throughout the National Anthem at 49ers games in response to Kaepernick sitting on the bench. This includes the 49ers’ upcoming Monday Night Football game against the Rams. The commish must be wishing he had yet another domestic violence case involving a player in lieu of this! Then, whenever Kaepernick might happen to enter a game ……….

  5. Can I merely say exactly what a relief to find a person that really knows what theyre discussing on-line. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and earn it critical. More people need to read this and see why side on the story. I cant think youre not more well-known since you absolutely possess the gift.

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