Cowboys Fan Starts Petition To Force Romo To Retire Because “He Sucks & Is Injury Prone”

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This was supposed to be Tony Romo’s year. Everyone healthy, all the offensive weapons any QB could want, and the mindset of knowing that if he stayed healthy, they had a chance.

That chance ended when Tony Romo got hurt before the season even started.

One Dallas fan got so frustrated that he took to and created a petition to force the injury prone quarterback to retire because he sucks now.


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The petition reads –

“Tony Romo has been a menace in the NFL since 2003 when he went un-drafted and for good reason! He has made a joke of our league and kept the Cowboys from winning major games while choking during clutch moments. He has had more turn overs then Pepperidge Farms! Imagine what a more competitive league the NFL would be if the Cowboys had an efficient QB?
We have watched the Cowboys use better back up QB’s because Romo is always missing games because he is injured.

I say we force the Dallas Cowboys to retire the 9 because Romo disgraced it!
Retire Romo because Romo disgraced him!
And move on with their back up Dak Prescott because even a 3rd string is more useful then Tony Romo especially after the announcement he has a broken back and won’t play until the middle of the season.

Come on Jerry Jones is this even funny anymore???


You can see the petition in full HERE