Guys Create Film About How Much The Cowboys Suck, Already Has $23k In Funding On Kickstarter

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There are fans who say Cowboys suck because well, everyone else says it and it’s the cool thing to do, there are fans who say Cowboys suck because of how much they actually suck, and then there’s these guys. It helps too that they’re die-hard Eagles fans.

These guys recognize how bad the Dallas Cowboys suck they have decided to make a film to share it with the world.

Lifetime Eagles fans and of course well-versed on the two teams and their heated rivalry, they produced a documentary titled ‘Dallas Sucks’ which upon watching the trailer, appears fairly well made. You can see the Kickstarter Campaign in full HERE. Here’s the trailer:


Brian Bennet and Mathew Broad, the movie’s producers, have started Kickstarter campaign to which they have already received almost $23,000 in funding from more than 450 backers (likely all Eagles, Giants and Redskins fans).

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I would say why are we not funding this, but apparently we are!

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 8.30.52 PM