Mom Whose Son Died In Iraq Writes Powerful Open Letter To Colin Kaepernick


There are many opinions on Colin Kaepernick and his bold action to sit during the National Anthem before the 49ers preseason game on Friday. Most feel as he’s in the wrong, some feel as if he’s in the right, and other think his motif and message is commendable yet he may have gone the wrong way about it, even if his intentions meant well.

The group who find Kaepernick’s actions obscene are filled with those in the military or have loved ones who fight for the United States.

One women who falls into the boat, tragically lost her son in the war in Iraq.

Even though Kaepernick has since told the media that he meant no disrespect to the armed forces by protesting the flag and anthem, the mother posted an open letter to the Niners QB, which explains her and her son’s story and why the move upset her so much.

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