Colin Kaepernick’s Jersey Sales Skyrocket Following National Anthem Saga

gettyimages-598585352Many have said Colin Kaepernick ruined his career with his decision to sit during the National Ahem before games. Being booed, cursed at and and heckled by opposing fans and having his jersey lit on fire are all part of the fallout.

Before Kaepernick began his widely criticized tirade against the anthem and American flag, the 49rs QB has the 20th best-selling jersey on the 49ers team site. This may seem odd, but keep in the mind the team still sells jerseys of all-time team greats such as  Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Jerry Rice.

However, there is a large pool of people that are behind Kaepernick. Not only has he received support by many of his fans that followed the QB before this anthem saga, but he has gained new fans, some of those who aren’t even interested in football.

Just a week after Kaepernick was first noticed sitting during the anthem, his jersey surpassingly did not dip, but rather topped 17 spots all the way up to number three.


On, the largest provider of NFL jerseys and apparel, Keapernick’s jersey is now sitting at 7th.

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It may be worth noting that because of contract agreements within the current collective bargaining agreement, Kaepernick, or every NFL player for that matter, does not benefit monetarily from jersey sales.