Kansas Storms Field After Beating Rhode Island, Their 1st Win In 665 Days

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If you weren’t familiar by now, Kansas is the worst team is all of Division 1 College Football, and yet as of tonight they now have more wins on the season than LSU, USC and Oklahoma.

Another thing you may learn from this article, is that Rhode Island has a football team.

The Jayhawks opened up their 2016 season with a 55-6 route over the Rhode Island Rams, the programs first win since Nov. 8, 2014, a whopping 665 days.


All 138 students and fans stormed the field when the clock hit zeros, the to PA announcer’s dismay..

The euphoria was short-lived. The public-address announcer got in their ears:

Humor aside, Kansas is looking to bring their football program closer to where their basketball program sits. The school and put more money and effort into recruiting and amenities, the latest in which included a lavish 2 million dollar new locker room and accompanying facilities.