40+ College Football Players Facing NCAA Suspension For Buying School Supplies

Yes, you read that headline right.

Charleston Southern University is set to play in their biggest game in school history at #3-ranked Florida State this weekend, but it’s possible up to half their team won’t be able to experience it.

With possibly the weirdest story that has ever come out of NCAA violations that have turned into a joke at this point, it appears as up to 40+ CSU players including their entire offensive line, will be suspended for the game because of a strange bookstore money violation.

On Thursday, team running back Ben Robinson posted the first explanation for this inconceivable suspensions on Facebook. Robinson described that the players used money allocated from books to buy several other school supplies at the university bookstore after being advised to do so by bookstore employees.


As the NCAA rulebook states, schools can give out money for book purchases, but only the exact amount needed to buy the books. The players were not notified that they were to return the extra (CSU is an FCS school, so the rules are slightly different) so they used it on other bookstore supplies without knowing it was a violation: