7-foot-1, 400 Pound High School Lineman Is Bigger Than Any Player In NFL History


Getting a look at the opposing team as they walk up to your field or as you walk up to theirs can be intimidating enough. Now imagine seeing a 7-foot-1, 400lb monster as one of them.

Brave Williams (ironically named as you have to be brave going up against him) is a senior at Lake Shore High School in Angola, New York. With his extreme height and weight, he stands bigger than any player in NFL history.

Brave only started playing football just three years ago, while he also plays basketball for his school. Williams’ workouts reportedly include squats of an insane 1,000 pounds three times and bench presses of 200 pounds 20 times.


“I’ve been bigger than everybody my entire life,” Williams said about himself in an interview. “In kindergarten, I was already 5’3” and towered over everyone.”

Though Williams has not received a scholarship offer just yet, he hopes a school will take a chance on him.

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