Colts Announcer Drops The F-Bomb Live On Air During Game vs. Chargers

It’s a relief for any NFL fan when their team escapes from a win that shouldn’t have been so close. Colts fans felt that way Sunday as they squeezed out a win vs the Chargers included one especially, who just so happen to be calling the game, maybe even sprinkling in some profanities.

Just one tiny problem – you can’t quite drop the f-bomb live on air.

Moments after the Indianapolis defense forced and recovered a fumble to seal a 26-22 victory, Colts broadcaster Bob Lamey let one slip live on air:

Warning: Video contains NSFW language.

Lamey, the 77-year-old long time team broadcaster of 32 years, apologized for his choice words postgame saying, “After the game, Matt Conti [the Colts assistant public relations director] told me about it, and I was shocked. Then I listened to it, and it was kind of garbled—but yeah, I said it. The tape doesn’t lie. I just wish I remember having said it.”

Lamey reportedly will issue another apology on the air during a Colts show on Monday night.