Cam Newton Was Spotted Riding Around On Trike In Traffic Without Helmet While In Concussion Protocol

Cam Newton has done some sense less thing on the field recently. The latest of which – hotdogging a run into the end zone where he was blindsided by a defender, hit so hard he was forced to miss Monday night’s game due to a concussion suffered on that play.

Though Newton’s inner circle was reporting talking to the Panthers QB telling him to be smarter with his safety, they might want to add using a helmet to that list.

Newton was spotted riding a trike around uptown Charlotte traffic before the game.

The Panthers PR department confirmed to ESPN that it is in fact Newton in the photo.

The QB is known to ride around Charlotte openly on scooters and bikes.

We aren’t sure what exactly Cam Newton was thinking but at this point it’s safe to say the guy would rather play in traffic than play for the Panthers at this point.