Dez Bryant Slices Two Fingers Open Cutting Carrots For Soup


Just days after we watched an Indians pitcher have to leave a start before he got out of the first inning because of an injury suffered by slicing his finger with his drone, it’s being reported that Dez Bryant finds himself in the same predicament.

Reports surfaced late Wednesday afternoon that the Cowboys star WR sliced his middle and ring finger while cutting carrots for a soup. There is no official confirmation yet, but we’re guessing while using the knife, he dropped it.

The most pressing question this raises is not if Bryant will be back for his scheduled return vs the Eagles on Oct 30th, but rather the question of why doesn’t a guy who makes $15 million a year have a personal chef?

“He’s got a cut on the inside of his hand, so he wasn’t able to catch balls today,” Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said. “He did a good job moving around, though. I think he’s feeling better and better and better.”

When asked if the team may need to hire their star a chef, Garrett responded with, “Yeah,” Garrett said with a smile, “we’ve got to address that somehow.”