Exactly One Year Ago Today, The Colts Ran The Single Dumbest Play In NFL History


Today, October 19th, marks the one year anniversary of the play that left millions of people in front of their TVs scratching their heads (which is also known is the greater Cleveland area as a Browns game).

In a highly-anticipated match-up between the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots during a class game no less, the Colts found themselves in a 4th & 3 scenario in the third quarter.

After lining up for a punt, suddenly nine Colts players ran towards their sideline and lined up in a “swinging gate” formation, leaving a safety and a wide receiver to act as snapper and quarterback.

All the sudden, the ball was snapped and as you would imagine, the play was blown up for a turnover on downs.

Not only did the play poop the bed, the play wouldn’t even have been legal if it worked, as 81% of the team was offsides.

The play was later clarified by Colts punter Pat Mcafee as a botched trick play where the ball was never supposed to be snapped. In fact the center who snapped it, never once part of the personnel that went over the play in practice.

Never forget.


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