Iowa HC Kirk Ferentz Cost His Team The Game Because He Couldn’t Do Simple Math


The Iowa Hawkeyes put up a tough fight against the No. 10 Wisconsin Badgers, losing 17-9 but keeping the game close throughout.

But judging by their coach’s post game quotes, it seems like they lost because they were out-coached.

Not only did Iowa’s head coach Kirk Ferentz call questionable plays but when it came down to the wire, down 14-6 and on 4th and six, they opted to kick the field goal instead of going for the tying touchdown.


Oh by the way, they missed the field goal.

The play call wasn’t the worst part of the it, but rather Ferentz’s post game comments when asked about the questionable decision:

Yup, a collegate college coach making millions of dollars to coach at Iowa doesn’t know basic math.

Iowa went home with a loss but the real loss goes to Ferencz’s inability to do common math.