Houston Man Accused Of Robbing Local Football Team Of $72 Million Dollars


HOUSTON, TX – The man behind the largest heist in Texas history is now in custody.

That man, who authorities now know by the name of Brock Osweiler, allegedly moved to the city of Houston earlier this year. Police then say somehow, someway with apparently little planning at all, robbed the Houston Texans of $72 million dollars.

After six weeks from when the crime was first reported by the team, Osweiler was spotted by a Denver area resident watching America’s Most Wanted from his living room television on Monday night. The Houston Police Department quickly notified Denver authorities which found Osweiler hiding out at Mile High Stadium.

“We saw him, ran after him and sacked him for a loss,” officers Rick Barnes of Denver PD told reporters. “The guy was relatively easy to intercept. Couldn’t really scramble away, it was odd for someone who made off with that amount in Houston.”

“We brought him for questioning and he could only produce 9 valid points and fumbled around with his answers.”

The department also noted that Osweiler did seems vaguely familiar, but they had no concrete leads within their district. “Maybe from Twilight,” one officer noted.

It’s likely Osweiler will face up to 4 years is prison (not to be mistaken with being on the Texans).