Terrell Owens Reportedly Eyeing Return To The Philadelphia Eagles

mo-terrell-owens-drew-hallowell-getty-940x540The Philadelphia Eagles have a glaring problem at wide receiver, and one of the best to ever do it has noticed.

After watching the team struggle in the downfield pass game vs Dallas on Sunday night, Owens, who played with Philly from 2004 to 2005, was asked on Twitter if he might “want to come out of retirement and help the Eagles.”

This was T.O.’s response:

Now, rationally speaking, the 42-year-old retired WR hasn’t seen one NFL snap in six years, though he is still likely in better shape than most NFL players currently.

With that said, the Eagles are desperate at the position, considering WR Josh Huff was arrested for speeding in the possession of drugs and a firearm just this Tuesday morning.

With someone having thrown a dildo onto the field, this wouldn’t be the most un-imaginable thing to happen this season.