LIVE LOOK IN: Chicago Holds Open Tryouts To Replace Jay Cutler, Millions Show Up


CHICAGO, IL – Grant Park is packed with almost three million people this Friday afternoon in Chicago, all from one flyer that was posted on Washington Ave.

“I did it as a joke,” Robert Dempsy, the flyer’s creator told reporters. “I thought it would be funny and made and put up a single flyer saying ‘Bears Holding Open Tryout To Replace Jay Cutler, Grant Park, Friday @ 1:00 PM!’. “Look, we all knew the guy to the right and left of us hated Cutler as much as we did, but I had no idea this many people would show up to get him out.”



“Yeah a lot of people are mistaking this as the Cubs parade, it’s funny” another QB hopeful in the crowd noted. “Just by showing up we’ve shown more enthusiasm than Cutler has ever shown.