Dirty Play? Richard Sherman Jumps WAY Offsides, Dives Right Into Dan Carpernter’s Knee

Century Link Field on Monday night in Seattle is no stranger to absurd officiating, and it gave us another head-scratcher tonight.

With just 3 seconds left in the first half and the Bills special teams lined up for a field goal attempt, Sherman came off the edge blatantly offsides, running and diving straight into Bills’ kicker Dan Carpenter’s legs.


In a crazy and chaotic string of events that soon followed, Sherman was called for being offsides, but was not flagged for a personal foul for ‘roughing the kicker.’

The Bills drew a penalty as well, getting flagged for their medical staff prematurely entering the field of play, forcing Buffalo to lose a timeout and Dan Carpenter to leave the game for at least one play, per NFL rules.

The Bills, pushed back but with time to evaluate the situation, spiked the ball in order to allow their kicker to re-enter the game.

Right before the snap on the next play, there was a delay of game called on the Bills, which should have never been called consiering the officials were still spotting the ball when the play clock expired.

The subsequent kick was missed.