ESPN Announces Upcoming ’30 for 30′ On The XFL


ESPN’s 30 for 30 series is one of the best things they produce, and it just got a whole lot better.

The network announced plans Thursday for a short film on the XFL, titled “This Was the XFL,” which will air on ESPN in February.

Back in 2009, ESPN aired “Who Killed the USFL?” a “30 for 30″ documentary about the decline of the 1980s NFL-alternative football league.

This time the documentary will cover another short lived league, one which will be remembered by those how ere able to witness it for the awesome nicknamed jerseys,



the unusual rules,

awesome ball,

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-2-35-48-pm-1024x653and of course, Vince McMahon:

(h/t Barstool Sports)