NFL Considering Cutting Down The Commercials During Games In Effort To Boost Ratings

150812_EM_NFLTVFreeThe NFL viewing expirince at home could get a whole lot better with the changes the league is considering in effort to boost the dip in ratings.

Wtach a commercial, cut back to the game for the kickoff, the back to a commercial. Anyone who’s watched an NFL game on televsion in the past decade knows the struggle.

An NFL game on television is essentially a 3 hour long segement with commercials of football. With games taking up to three and half hours and only 11 minutes of live game action, almost 70% of the telecast is a slew of advertisments.

Just a short time ago, the league even attempted to downgrade the expirience of watching games at home in effort to get fans out to the stadium, but with attendence records at an all time high, Roger Goodell and the league is trying to pick the ratings back up.


The NFL is “looking very hard” at changing its approach to commercials, NFL Media executive vice president Brian Rolapp said Wednesday at the NAB Show in New York, according to Diana Marszalek of

Rolapp noted that some games include as many as 70 commercials, which may be a turnoff to fans.

“In a world where Netflix has no commercials and consumers are used to 15 seconds of of pre-roll, is there a better way to do commercials with our broadcast partners?”

Rolapp said the NFL is “not overly surprised” about its recent ratings drop, adding, “we are not overly worried.”

(The Score)