Mexican Raiders Fans Chant Word Translating To ‘Gay Male Prostitute’ During Texans Kickoffs

One of the many criticisms of the NFL’s ‘International Series’ is the dead air of the stadium during game. Dead air and Mexican fans don’t quite mix.

A rowdy crowd of 100,000, the majority of which are pro-Raider, have been chanting the word ‘Puto’ on kickoffs by the Texans during the game in Mexico City.

Here’s video of one of the instances:

Though having many loose definitions, the word directly translated to ‘male prostitute’, labeled as “extremely offensive” and “profoundly insulting,” often used to discriminate or offend.

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-11-41-43-pmIn regard to futból, the word tends to yelled or chanted during the opposing team’s penalty kicks. This likely explains the why the crowd is yelling it during Houston’s kickoffs.

The Mexican Soccer Federation was fined in previous years for using the same chant, but hey, rather Mexican Raider fans stab you with their word than American Raiders fans stab you with their shanks.