Sitting At 0-11, Cleveland Browns Tickets Are Now Going For A Whopping $6


By not winning for so long, the Cleveland Browns have gone from a team beyond irrelevancy, to one relatively intriguing, sitting just 5 losses away from the historic mark of being just the second team in NFL history to go 0-16.

That intrigue isn’t quite fueling ticket prices just yet, with Browns tickets hitting an all-time low this week. On Stubhub, you can buy a ticket to the Browns/Chargers game this Sunday at First Energy Stadium in Cleveland for a whopping $6.


For the city’s high rollers, one could dish out just two more dollars to watch their team face off against the New York Giants for $8 the following week.

It’s sure going to be awkward for fans who have to buy beer to be able to watch the Browns play, spend more on that beer than the tickets to the actual game.