Colin Kaepernick Welcomed To Miami With Shower of Boos After Supporting Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro, Cuba’s longtime dictator passed away at the age of 90 Friday night.

Cuban immigrants, refugees, and descents flooded the streets of Miami to celebrate the death of who they nickname ‘the devil’.

Back in August during the height of the 49ers QB’s protest, Colin Kaepernick wore a controversial shirt with Fidel Castro’s image on it to a press conference, drawing heavy criticism. Upon his death this weekend, Kaepernick defended Castro’s life and power to a  Miami reporter, of course striking a nerve with the Miami community, who’s demographic is 35% Cuban.

On Sunday, Kaepernick was welcomed to Miami to a shower of Boos while taking the field for the first time on offense.

For perspective on just how much the Cuban community in Miami despises the man and regime he’s oppressed the entire country and nationally with, Dolphins fans invited Castro to their tailgate today:


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Ironically enough, if Colin Kaepernick protested the Castro regime like he did the flag of the United States, he likely would be jailed.