Philly Fans Start Petition To Have Donald Trump Deport Infamous Eagles Fan EDP445


What started off as a entertainment has turned to a nuisance for Eagles fans everywhere.

The now infamous Eagles fan Bryant Moreland (known by his YouTube name ‘EDP445‘) began uploading rant videos from his room pertaining to every move, win, or loss with his beloved team, turning him into a viral sensation.

The belligerent rants laced with profanity have become so critical of the Eagles, folks in Philly have started a petition to have president elect Donald Trump deport him out of the country.


At this point with the Eagles having gone from one of the hottest teams in the league to below .500 at the bottom of the NFC East, he wouldn’t be opposed to such.

You can see the petition in entirety HERE.

As expected, EDP445 responded with a reaction video once he saw the petition: