New Study Finds That People Who Are Dallas Cowboys Fans Are More Likely To Be Assholes

dallas-cowboys-fans_am6ljy9yv2u1a57ia4qz1kbxDALLAS, TX – A recent study published by the Ledger’s Journal of Heath & Physiology has established a connection between supporting the Dallas Cowboys and the likelihood of being an asshole (or thereabouts).

Titled ‘The Association and Mediation of the Relationships Between Masculinity Ideology, Outcome Expectations, and Dallas Cowboys Fandom’, the study gathered a pool of 376 male participants between the ages of 16 and 65 (with a median age of 24), asking them a series of questions.

The results concluded a strong correlation between widely regarded backward views (for example, (‘homosexuals should never marry’) and a affinity for the Dallas Cowboys.

An excerpt from the journal entry reads as follows as followed:

The Association and Mediation of the Relationships Between Masculinity Ideology, Outcome Expectations – 

Fans of the professional American Football team, the Dallas Cowboys, account for more of a percentage of such than any other team in the league, one of the many reasons the Cowboys are commonly referred to as “America’s Team.”

With 30% of fans living in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area, a census of the pool of people beyond a 30 mile radius range of a team’s respective stadium account for more than any other team.


HSCAC studies previous have found the stigma of Cowboys fans across the United States of America has been more negatively received by fans of other NFL teams along with bothered peoples outside the association of any professional football team. Based on the Rialli Jones Journal of Word Association, the English word ‘Asshole’ tops the list of words with a derogatory notion in association with fans of the Dallas Cowboys. Used in vulgarism pejoratively (as a type of synecdoche) to associate a noun the anus, ‘asshole’ makes up for 13% of disparaging of all words with a negative connotation. 

376 Dallas Cowboys fans were surveyed in the study with 20 questions each, with the grade implicating endorsement of traditional masculinity ideology. 290 of persons questioned (77%) finished with an algorithmic score offering a link between predicators of cheering for the Cowboys and ‘assholeness’ (classified as the combination of rudeness, arrogance, association with “Dem Boyz”, slight barbarian behavior, inept to other’s opinions and ungraciousness. (PsycINFO Database Record)

The findings aren’t exactly surprising. The average Dallas Cowboys fan is a conglomerate of a middle aged, white male, brought up with a sense of entitlement based on past achievements whether they had any association in such, along with a falsified and skewed view of the future.

The results from the survey converted onto the Dynamic Fan Equity scale showed a steady increase in delusional based on the longevity of the fandom towards to Cowboys, with males 35 and older showing more aptitude towards false hope yet an eagerness to regard the facility of such. The only teams with more than 1.5 million fans on respective Facebook page that have not won a Super Bowl in recent years are the Cowboys and Bears. 

(Funded by the HSAC Sports Analysis Collective; number, NCT02224469.)


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