NFL Looking For 17 Full-Time Referees, Salary Could Be In $200,000 Per Year Range

1200The NFL is attempting to address a plethora of issues that have been brought to light this season, whether it’s the plummeting ratings, rule idiosyncrasies, and the ever-so prevalent inconsistent and sometimes atrocious officiating.

According to the NFL’s president of football operations, Troy Vincent, the league plans to hire up to 17 full-time officials before the start of the 2017-2018 season.

Though it may come as a surprise, being an NFL official is a side job, and most referees are prominent lawyers, business owners, teachers, entrepreneurs and more, making the league the only of the major four without full-time officials.

The news of new hires are likely due to the continued complaints via teams, coaches, players and fans of complained about missed or incorrect calls by refs, especially in crucial moments, with full-time officials perhaps eliminating such being 100% dedicated.


The plan is to add a man to the existing 7-man crews, with the hope that another ref can minimize the amount of missed calls.

Part-time officials currently make between $75,000 and $200,000 for the season, though the salary for the first full-time officials have not been discussed.

According to Vincent, hiring full-time officials will make it possible for the NFL to train and work with them in the offseason. Officials are currently off from February after the Super Bowl until April when they have their health physicals.

(FOX 4 KC)