Ezekiel Elliott Bought Dak Prescott & Himself Matching Diamond Chains For Christmas

9598695-dak-prescott-ezekiel-elliott-nfl-cincinnati-bengals-dallas-cowboys-850x560 Awww aren’t they’re so cute.

The rookie running back that’s tearing up the NFL splurged on his teammates for Christmas this year, buying his entire offensive line ATVs and now his quarterback a diamond chain, to match his of course.

According to TMZ, Ezekiel Elliott had the pendants custom made by IF & Co. in Los Angeles, commissioned two matching diamond “214″ pendants.

‘214’ is the Dallas area code, which also happens to include each of the duo’s numbers.

The two 14k white gold pendants are each covered with just under 10 carats worth of VS1 and VS2 quality diamonds. Though there is no word on the final price, the materials alone cost in the 5-figure range for each.

We’re told Zeke contacted the company roughly 2 weeks ago with the idea — because he wanted to give Dak something meaningful as a token of his appreciation.”


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