Did FSU Get Away With An Obvious Offsides On The Final Play Of The Orange Bowl?

The 2016 Orange Bowl will go down as one of the wildest. After about three and a half hours of game time, FSU somehow pulled out a win over Michigan after a whirlwind of mistakes, crazy plays, blunders and lead changes.

It eventually game down to the final play for the Wolverines, down 1 point on 4th down looking to position the offense in field goal range. Michigan had the pass intercepted, though it did appear as if the Seminoles got away with an obvious offsides that should have been penalized. It also appeared as it the Seminole rusher in question forced QB Wilton Speight to deliver an arid pass.

In true Harbaugh fashion, Michigan called timeouts after each of FSU’s kneel downs at the end of the game in a sour response to the no-call.