Giants WRs Who Flew To Miami To Party Before Game Have 7 Dropped Passes In First Half


Much was made of the group of New York Giants WRs who decided to celebrate their successful season by flying down to Miami following their Week 17 win, just days before their game against the Packers. The Giants trailed 14-6 at the half.


Though the Giants, even Eli Manning and many alike waived off the notion that taking a short vacation on their day off would have any impact on their production in tonight’s game, the group of WRs who went to Miami, one stat may point towards a connection.


The WRs who traveled to Miami were targeted 15 times in the first half, dropped 7 balls. Those who didn’t? They’ve were thrown at 6 times, catching all but one.

Notable drops included two from both Sterling Shepard and Odell Beckam Jr, one which would have gone for a touchdown.

Even R&B Star Trey Songz, who joined the party jumped on twitter to try to defend the drops.

But the drops weren’t the only issue, almost every statistical category saw a steep drop off.