Odell Beckham Keeps Dropping Remote While Watching Cowboys/Packers Game From His Couch


MANHATTAN, NY – Odell Beckham is facing the TV this Sunday in his living room after failing to get past the Packers in the first round of the playoffs.

The Giants WR invited some of his teammates, including QB Eli Manning, to watch the game.

“Oh so now you want to sit down and watch football when we’re eliminated instead of Miami, Manning said to his WR on the phone after the invite.”


Before the game, Beckham made spectacular catches in front of everyone including the bowl of guacamole, the chips, and the pretzels, but when it came to game time, it was a different story.

According to those there, Beckham dropped the remote three times in just the first quarter.

“Good thing this is your house Odell,” Manning muttered. “I don’t want any holes in my walls.”