Crowd At LA Clippers Game Boo Chargers Players & Logo When Put On Scoreboard During Game

The Chargers are off to the worst franchise relocation in maybe sports history. After news broke Wednesday night, eggings of the team facility and bon fires field with team gear soon followed outside the team’s headquarters. Next came a logo release with turned into a PR nightmare due to the lackluster design, only to be turned into more of an embarrassment when the team switched logos two times in less than 24 hours, admitting screw ups in their unveiling process.

Even worse now, it appears as fans in Los Angeles don’t even want them there.

At tonight’s Clippers/Lakers game at the Staples Center, the home Clips though it would be a good idea to provide a warm welcome by showing the Chargers logo up on the scoreboard as well as facing the camera to the team’s tight end, Jeff Cumberland. Both were booed.

The booing is ironic, considering the Clippers made the sam move from San Diego to Los Angeles in 1978.