After Getting Torn Apart On Social Media, Chargers Say They Will Never Use This Logo Again

Oh the power of social media. People with a phone and a keyboard just cyber-bullied a billion dollar NFL franchise into changing their logo.

The Los Angeles Chargers released their logo a day after officially announcing their move from San Diego a week ago. After being torn about on social media, the team released a new color scheme of the same design, hoping to calm critics. That of course, didn’t work.

The team then did away with the ‘LA’ logo, using the ‘Chargers’ name mark once the second iteration was destroyed as well.

It now appears they will kill the design, reportedly not using it for anything.


This also marks the first time the Chargers have killed anything in years.

At this point there’s no indication of where the team will go in regard to a primary logo, but the Chargers did use the San Diego bolt design in the introductory press conference to welcome in their new coach Tuesday.