LA Chargers Reportedly Casted Fake Fans To Come To Team’s Introductory Pep Rally

The Los Angeles Chargers held a pep rally of sorts Wednesday to introduce the team to their new city and vice versa. Predictably considering the seemingly non-existent buzz relative to the excitement of the Rams coming back last season, anyone with eyes could see the lack of fans in attendance.


There are now reports surfacing that to even fill the amount of seats they did in the venue, the team secretly used a casting serve to hire fill-ins to pose as fans. Those casted would be provided with team appears to make it seem official.


The allegations come as the newest black eye in an already long list of mishaps since the Chargers announced their move, including the logo fiasco, their newly hired coach still referring to them as the ‘San Diego’ Chargers, and moving companies refusing to move the team out to their new city.