NFL Admits To Messing Up Unsportsmanlike Penalty On Cowboys Huddle Play, Nothing Should Have Been Call

Though the NFL doesn’t have a similar entity to what the NBA does with their Two-Minute Report, teams can ask the league for clarification and reviews on certain penalties, no calls, ect. which do sometimes become public.

In the first quarter of the NFC divisional game with the Green Bay Packers ahead 7-3, the Dallas Cowboys were struck with arguably the oddest penalty of the entire year, being penalized 15 yards for having an extra player in the huddle, even though there was no real huddle formed.

The crucial penalty on Brice Butler negated a 22-yard pass play to Terrence Williams that would have given Dallas a first down on the the Packers’ 16-yard line. Instead, the Cowboys wound up with the ball 2nd and 20 on their own 48-yard line. Instead of presumably surely a field goal at least, they punted two plays later.

The league is now admitting its wrongdoing with the call, saying the Cowboys shouldn’t have been penalized, per Dan Blandino, the league VP of officiating.

(USA Today)