Las Vegas Raiders Proposed New Logo Leaked After Filing For Relocation From Oakland

OAKLAND, CA – As of Thursday morning, Owner Mark Davis and family have officially filed relocation papers to the NFL, the second-to-last major step in the attempt to move the Raiders out of Oakland and to Las Vegas.

The news comes just days after the San Diego Chargers officially announced their move to Las Angeles, joining the Rams who moved a year ago from St. Louis.

According to Raiders beat reporter Jerry McDonald, a source within the organization leaked an image of the proposed new logo the team will move forward with.

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“They claim their fans will love it,” the source said. ‘It’s unique, creative, something that’s never done before, and the fans are surely going to rally around it, especially on social media.

Although there is no confirmation yet, early indications are that Mark Davis reached out to his barber to design the logo.