Petition To Have Migos Replace Lady Gaga For Super Bowl Halftime Show Reaches 55k Signatures


Lady Gaga is set to put on a show at halftime during Super Bowl LI, but if more than 55k people had their way, Migos would be performing instead.

Someone by the same of ‘Justin G’ started a petition on to have the popular rap group replace the Grammy award winner as the halftime show performer

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The posting reads –

“Halftime should be Migos killing Bad and Boujee, Future kills em with March Madness, then Outkast comes out and does an AQUEMINI sampler and then they end it with BUN B and JAY Z DOING BIG PIMPIN!!!! If you’re gonna put on a show for billions THIS IS THE ONLY SHOW”

Now, obviously, there’s no chance this actually happens, but maybe Migos — which probably should have performed at last year’s show with it being the season of the Dab and all — can parlay this into a cameo at the show.

Anyway, if you want to see Migos perform at the halftime show instead of Lady Gaga, you can sign the petition here.

You can sign the petition HERE.