FAU’s Lane Kiffin Hype Video Is The Most Cringeworthy Thing You’ll Watch Today

After Tom Herman, Lane Kiffin was the hottest coach on the market this college football season, but the decision to take a job as head coach at Florida Atlantic University had some scratching their heads. FAU’s new hype video have fans doing the same.

The short video, that looked like more a hostage random tape rather than a hype video, is aimed at getting players to commit to the Owls. An apparent drunk, bloated, Kiffin (who acts like he just woke up from a chloroform nap) talks while trying to shield the Florida sun from his eyes un-enthusiatically attempting to sway some of the “best players in the country.”

It’s safe to say FAU had players de-committ after they saw this SNL skit of a “hype video.”