REPORT: The Raiders Move To Las Vegas Is In Jeopardy

Raider Nation

The Raiders might not be re-locating after all.

Reports have surfaced that one of the key investors in the team’s potential move to Las Vegas,  casino-mogul Sheldon Adelson, has officially withdrawn his investment and is no longer involved in the process of re-locating the Raiders to Las Vegas:

Aldeson has some obvious influence in this potential move, given he is the CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. However, he may have even more power than that.


According to reports, Goldman Sachs, who have been linked with the Raiders as a potential financier for their new stadium, will only stay with the plan if Sheldon Adelson remains involved in the deal.

So no Adelson would mean no financial investment company funding for the Raiders, which would then likely mean no move to Las Vegas.

Mark Davis better get on the horn and get Adelson back on board stat if he wants to keep this whole thing together. Either that or find another well-connected billionaire who is willing to fork over $600 mill plus his connections to make this happen.