REPORT: San Diego Looking Into Bringing Raiders To Their City If Las Vegas Falls Though


The Oakland Raiders looked all but set to move to Las Vegas with only a league wide owner majority vote to decide if the team would move a state over. That was until today.  Billionare Hutt Sheldon Adelson, a major partner withdrew his $650 million dollar investment, with Goldman Sachs responding with a withdraw of their own, with their offer being contingent on Adelson’s.

If the move to Las Vegas does fall through, another city is throwing their name into the hat which has quite the experience dealing with team relocation.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the city of San Diego is interested in making a push to have the Raiders move down the California coast and settle into the once stoning grounds of the Chargers, who moved to Los Angeles earlier in January.


In fact, it was reported by the paper that two people at San Diego City Hall reached out to NFL officials in the wake of news about the Raiders’ Vegas bid being imperiled.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer spoke with an NFL official to let the league know the city is eager to engage when appropriate. And multiple sources said another person representing the city exchanged calls with a Raiders official, though it is not clear whether the sides spoke.

Factors that could aid the move to San Diego would be the current push for the city to house a Major League Soccer expansion franchise, the which a stadium could be built for mixed-use.