Fan Claims He Stole Tom Brady’s Jersey In Instagram Post

With five rings now, Tom Brady seems to be a man who has it all, expect one thing – his own jersey.

The Patriots quarterback had his game-worn jersey snatched after the win in Super Bowl LI Sunday night, and the investigation into its whereabouts is getting serious.

The state of Texass Lt. Gov. Patrick is asking the Texas Rangers in conjunction with the Houston Police Department to help track down the jersey. “Tom Brady’s jersey has great historical value and is already being called the most valuable NFL collectable ever. It will likely go into the Hall of Fame one day. It is more important that history does not record that it was stolen in Texas. I’ve called Colonel Steve McCraw to ask that the Texas Rangers work with the Houston Police Department on this case.”

They might want to start with this guy, who posted this image to his Instagram account, appearing to have the jersey in hand.

The post has since been edited to include that it was “a joke”

(h/t The Score)